• 1

    Turn 1

    3rd Gear
  • 2

    Turn 2

    2nd Gear
    80 km/h
  • 3

    Turn 3

    1st Gear
    60 km/h
  • 4

    Turn 4

    4th Gear
    155 km/h
  • 5

    Turn 5

    3rd Gear
    115 km/h
  • 6

    Turn 6

    2nd Gear
    80 km/h
  • 7

    Turn 7

    2nd Gear
    75 km/h
  • 8

    Turn 8

    3rd Gear
    140 km/h
  • 9

    Max Speed

    6th Gear
    275 km/h
  • 10

    Turn 10

    1st Gear
    55 km/h
  • 11

    Turn 11

    3rd Gear

Super Trofeo Asia Shanghai

Opened in 2004, the Shanghai International Circuit has played host to a variety of renowned race events such as the Formula 1, the MotoGP or the World Touring Car Championship. The layout follows the Chinese character "shang", which stands for "high" or "ascended" and is also found in the city's name. The Shanghai course features not only one of the longest straights in the whole motorsports world but also a tricky section following it: the very slow turn 1 leads into the even slower and tighter turn 2 – it is as if the right-hander has no end. When the drivers finally reach the exit of Turn 2 they have to change direction instantly for turns 3 and 4 – this is why some describe the section as a catapult, spitting out the cars onto the following short straight.
This year, Shanghai will welcome the Super Trofeo Asia on two occasions: After the inaugural race weekend of 2013 the raging Bulls will return in October for a second visit.