• 1

    Max Speed

    6th Gear
    277 km/h
  • 2

    TGR Corner

    2nd Gear
    70 km/h
  • 3

    Coca-Cola Corner

    4th Gear
    150 km/h
  • 4

    TOYOPET 100R Corner

    4th Gear
    165 km/h
  • 5

    ADVAN Corner

    3rd Gear
    100 km/h
  • 6


    5th Gear
    240 km/h
  • 7

    Dunlop Corner

    2nd Gear
    80 km/h
  • 8

    13th Corner

    3rd Gear
    95 km/h
  • 9

    Lexus Corner

    2nd Gear
    90 km/h
  • 10

    Panasonic Corner

    2nd Gear
    80 km/h

Super Trofeo Asia Fuji

The Speedway on the foot of Mount Fuji was once considered a very dangerous venue, but since the track's extensive modification, that took place between 2003 and 2005, it complies with modern safety standards.

Fuji managed to re-establish itself once again in the motorsports world by staging the Japanese Grand Prix in 2007 and 2008. In 2013 it will host, amongst others, the resurrected Asian Le Mans Series, the Super GT, the Super Formula and of course the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series.
Rain is a big factor the Super Trofeo teams will have to count into their tactics at the Fuji Speedway. Due to the location right below the mountains, the clouds often open up above the track. The rain can be quite heavy and sometimes also brings mist. But driving on the Fuji track is tricky even without extreme weather conditions: While the flowing corners in the first and second sector demand the driver's skills, the super-long straight (1.5 km) requires a strong and reliable engine like the V10 in the Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013.