Supercross Champion Chad Reed set

to make his Lamborghini Super Trofeo Debut

In the world of two-wheel motorsports, Supercross and motocross champion Chad Reed needs no introduction. Next weekend at Watkins Glen International, the world-renowned Australian rider will bring his talents to a four-wheel discipline as he competes in Rounds 3 and 4 of Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America on June 28 and 29.

The obvious first question that comes to mind is how much four-wheel racing has Reed done in the past? The answer is he is no stranger to competing in a car as he has experience in racing Supercars in his native Australia and participated in last year’s Monza Rally.

“I’ve jumped in a couple of different things, whether it be Supercars in Australia and I’ve done a couple of things in rally cars and late models, but mainly just more testing than racing,” he said. “I also ran the Monza Rally last year, and that was an outstanding experience, for what it was. It was consecutive days of night and day racing, and I experienced different things that I really hadn’t before and had a good time.

“So I think doing something like this again will be totally new,” Reed added. “Obviously doing all my research on The Glen and I need to go in there and be smart and enjoy it. But, you know, like as a racer you always want to be there and try to be as competitive as possible. But for me, it’s more about the experience and, keeping the car in between the white lines.”

So how does one of the most famous motorcycle racers in the history of the sport end up at The Glen next weekend? Actually, it was a quick process from the initial discussions to putting an entry in for the two 50-minute races on the 11-turn, 3.4-mile circuit.

The multi-time Supercross champion enlisted the assistance of current Paul Miller Racing GT Daytona driver Ryan Hardwick who won the Super Trofeo World Championship and North American Am Class championships last year. A mutual friend connected the two of them, and they began a dialogue to see what could be worked out.

“Chad asked me if what I thought of Super Trofeo and he wanted my opinion if it was a perfect car, in a perfect series to prepare for something like GT Daytona (GTD) racing,” Hardwick said. “And he knew that Lamborghini has had a history of putting some kind of big-name motorcycle guys in a Super Trofeo.”

It didn’t take long for Hardwick to discover that Reed’s name was well-known among Lamborghini’s top executives. “I called Giorgio Sanna, head of motorsport for Lamborghini, who is also a massive motocross fan, and he said that Chad is literally like his hero,” Hardwick said. “He’s like, ‘you’re kidding me,’ so I also I called up Enrico Bertaggia the owner of Dream Racing.

“I said, ‘Hey Enrico, I got this guy Chad Reed and he’s a big dirt bike guy,’ and he was like, I know who Chad Reed is. From there Giorgio said Chad should test a car, and let’s see what he’s got and depending on the test go from there.”