The Lamborghini Huracán GT3 is based on a hybrid body shell mainly formed of aluminum and reinforced with carbon fiber components in the areas of greatest torsional stress. The body shell is equipped with a roll cage that meets FIA regulations and extends to the rear end, thus enhancing torsional stiffness. The body is crafted in composite materials (CFK, Kevlar, fiberglass), and the aerodynamics were developed together with Dallara Engineering, featuring the direct support of Gian Paolo Dallara, the company's founder. 

technical specification

Body and chassis

Hybrid chassis made of aluminium and carbon fiber
Carbon composite external panels with quick fixing system (Dzust)
Manually adjustable rear wing
Safety Equipment
FIA Spec Roll-cage, carbon fiber racing seat FIA 8862 Spec, 7 pts fire extinguisher, Roof Hatch System (quick access to the driver from the roof)


Front suspension
Double wishbones with uniball
Rear suspension
Double wishbones with uniball
Two ways Öhlins TTX 36
Antiroll bar
Front and rear 3 ways adjustable


Front 12x18” ET45.65, rear 13x18” ET37.85
Pirelli PZero, front 325/660-18 DH, rear 325/705-18 DH


Engine Type
10 cylinders engine (90° V angle) naturally aspirated, gasoline direct injection IDS, dry sump lubrication
5204 cm3
Bore and Stroke
84,5 x 92,9 mm
Compression ratio
Rev limiter
ECU and TCU Management
Bosch Motorsport MS6.4

Braking system and steering

Front discs
Steel Brembo Racing, 380x34 mm, 6-pistons monoblock caliper, supplementary air cooling for discs and caliper
Rear discs
Steel Brembo Racing, 355x32 mm, 4-pistons monoblock caliper, supplementary air cooling for discs
Bosch Motorsport M4 adjustable in 10 position through the steering wheel
Hydraulic power steering, multifunction steering wheel, dashboard Bosch Motorsport


Drive Type
Rear wheel drive with mechanical differential lock, traction control Bosch Motorsport adjustable in 10 position through the steering wheel
6 speed sequential gearbox by Hör, pneumactically controlled, 3 discs racing clutch hydraulically controlled with paddles on steering wheel, lightweight flywheel


4458 mm
2050 mm
2645 mm
Front track
1700 mm
Rear track
1660 mm


Dry Weight
1230 kg
Fuel Tank
120 liters, FT3 Spec


The Huracán GT3 is powered by a naturally aspirated 90° V10 engine with a displacement of 5.2 liters and direct injection. The engine is derived from the street version of the Huracán. Electronic control is provided by a Bosch Motorsport control unit. All the electrical wiring is specifically designed for racing use, to ensure faster and easier service by technicians. Maximum power and torque can be varied to suit the type of intake restrictor that every GT championship applies to engines according to the Balance of Performance, a tool for equalizing the performance of GT cars. Also modified is the weight of the vehicle, which in the Huracán GT3's case is 1,230 Kg (dry weight). With rear-wheel drive, the Huracán GT3 is equipped with a Hör 6-speed sequential. 

The brake system includes Brembo Racing discs. The front units are 380 mm in diameter and have 6-piston calipers, with 355 mm discs and 4-piston calipers at the rear. The brakes are also equipped with a supplementary cooling system for the discs and calipers. The Bosch Motorsport ABS system boasts ten positions that can be selected by the driver using a button on the steering wheel, and the same is true for the traction control adjustment, which can also be set over ten parameters to trigger the system according to road grip and degree of tire wear.

  • 1 TIMER: to activate and deactivate a laptimer for pitlane
  • 2 DRINK: to activate the drinking system
  • 3 ALARM: to reset the board computer’s messages
  • 4 ON-OFF: Engine Start/Stop
  • 5 LIMITER: to manage the pit limiter entering and exiting pitlane
  • 6 WIPER: to activate the wipers
  • 7 RADIO: communications between driver and pit wall
  • 8 LIGHT: high beam flashing to overtake slower cars
  • 9 TC: knob to set 10 different Traction Control maps
  • 10 LEFT: light indicator
  • 11 PAGE: knob to scroll the board computer’s menu pages on TFT display
  • 12 RIGHT: light indicator
  • 13 ABS: knob to set 10 different ABS maps