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The most thrilling one-make
series in the world

Amateur Drivers dominate in Misano

Sunday Fast Facts

In every stint which he has completed so far this season, Adrian Zaugg has entered the pit window leading the race
20 minutes was all the respite Alessandra Brena could manage between finishing her 11th placed Super Trofeo race and her start in the CIEA Green Hybrid Cup this afternoon, in which she claimed a podium finish
It’s been 14 years since today’s eighth-placed finishers Yeomans & Nichol have been racing competitively
Marcel Leipert is the son of Ingo Leipert, the family that owns and runs Automobili Lamborghini Racing Team Germany as part of Leipert Motorsport’s racing activities
Championship leaders remain unchanged from Monza, with Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter leading both Amateur and PRO-AM teams championships, Cédric Leimer heading the PRO-AM drivers standings and Laurent Jenny heading the Amateur championship
The next Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo round is at Silverstone on 1st & 2nd of June

Race 2

After the amateur achievements of Andrea Solimè in yesterday’s Super Trofeo night race, the daylight race today was claimed by the amateur talent of German driver Marcel Leipert in a race that came alive after the pitstops, ably assisted by a light rain shower after a start that ran largely to grid form for the first eleven laps.

After his winning success last night, Andrea Palma in the #27 Imperiale car led the field off the line with his first five pursuers staying in grid formation for the opening laps, with Leipert followed by Leimer, Zaugg and Amici. Bonaldi’s Adrian Zaugg was the first to break station, recording a fastest lap and overwhelming Cédric Leimer to take third, and his efforts were subsequently followed by Andrea Amici.

As the pit window opened, Leipert – having challenged Palma hard for the lead for the duration of the opening stint - grabbed the opportunity to box early, a tactical decision that served him well.

Simultaneously, light rain fell, but in sufficient quantity to see a number of cars suffering spins, including Leimer, Jenny, Bonacini and Pierleoni.

While pitlane activity reached a peak, Adrian Zaugg hunted down and finally passed Andrea Palma at turn 8 to head into the driver change period leading the race. But with a short delay for Bonaldi during the driver change and some hard laps by Leipert, the German driver took the lead of the race.

While one amateur forged into the lead, yesterday’s amateur victor had a less successful time.

Andrea Solimè came off the worse in an altercation with Touring Auto’s Leonardo Geraci, forcing the young Italian’s retirement. Elsewhere there were other hard battles being fought, not least between the British pairing of Jason Yeomans/Mark Nichols, who’d wrestled the Automobili Lamborghini Racing Team UK #2 car from 16th on the grid into the top ten, but not without a fight with Gravity Charouz’s Tomáš Král on the way.

As the final minutes of the race approached, Leonardo Geraci found his way past Zaugg’s teammate, Federico De Nora for second place and just as the order seemed settled, a spin and side impact at the sharp turn ten for the #10 Imperiale driver, Matteo Zucchi, brought out the Safety Car, albeit the Italian driver was soon out of the car and none the worse for his accident.

With a half lap sprint all that remained when the Safety Car returned to the pitlane, the order to

the flag remained unchanged with Marcel Leipert making it a clean wekend sweep for the amateurs, followed home by Geraci, De Nora, Amici and Leimer.

Driver Quotes

Marcel Leipert #22, Automobili Lamborghini Racing Team Germany Winner race two:

“I am very happy, especially to win on an Italian track that three days ago I didn’t know at all and this was only my fourth Super Trofeo race. At the beginning, I couldn’t overtake Palma, he was blocking me and I was fighting Zaugg behind, so it was pretty intense. Then it rained a bit, times dropped a little, but we kept pushing. In the end, it all worked perfectly, the team were faultless and we managed to make the most of the winning pace I felt in the car yesterday.”


Leonardo Geraci #69, Touring Auto 2000 S.R.L., 2nd race two:

“Yesterday we were pretty unlucky, but today I did well and it feels great to be back on the podium. During the first half of the race, the car was suffering from oversteering and I was struggling to stay behind the cars in front. The pit stop was impeccable and when I rejoined the race, the car was feeling a bit better and I could push more. Unfortunately, Solimè and I had a contact when overtaking and he got the short end of the stick. In the end, my pace was a lot better and I climbed to second. A fantastic result!”


Federico De Nora #3, Bonaldi Motorsport, 3rd race two:

“Racing alongside a team-mate as strong as Adrian Zaugg is both a blessing but also a huge responsibility because you are always racing to win. Today, Adrian had placed the car in the lead when my turn came and I had to fight hard for the podium, but it was a fair game. It started to rain half way through the race but I don’t think it influenced the final result as we could still drive pretty much at 100%. It has been a very enjoyable race and the car was perfectly balanced and set-up, for which I want to thank Bonaldi Motorsport because they always do an excellent job.”


Jason Yeomans #2, Automobili Lamborghini Racing Team UK 8th, 2nd amateur, race two:

“This is just our fourth time in the car, and our first podium, so we’re really delighted. Yesterday we had gearbox problems, so it was much better today after we changed car, we just went for it. I pushed on and it went well, Mark had the difficult bit to manage the tyres towards the end and perhaps the Safety Car helped us a bit, but ultimately we’re really delighted with how it went today.”

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