Touring Auto 2000

Team information

Team Principal Emanuele Conforti
Team Manager Gianfranco Bielli
  Milos Pavlovic
Mechanics Jose Garrido
  Osvaldo Isella
  Mauro Lucia
Engineers Mario Cambiaghi
  Gianfranco Bielli
Main sponsor (car) Touring Auto
  Lamborghini Milano
  Lamborghini Padova
Main sponsor (driver) Servi Tech
  Servi Med
  Tecnodemolizioni Srl
  Consulting & Implementing One
  Superlind@ Srl


The team won the 2010 AM LBST championship with Eugenio Amos as driver. In 2011 and 2012 its drivers, Eugenio Amos, Bernard Delhez and Dimitri Enjalbert, mounted the podium many times winning also many races.

The car

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Leonardo Geraci