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track Accademia Barcelona Aventador SV

Track Accademia

The Track Accademia provides you with the perfect combination of the world’s most prestigious and demanding tracks with the world’s most extraordinary automobiles.

At the Lamborghini Track Accademia we will develop your skills at race tracks such as Imola, Hockenheim and Laguna Seca alongside our team of professional instructors, while exploring the full potential of the entire Lamborghini range.

Intensivo program

The Intensivo program is designed to be an exciting one day course, with a focus on dynamic driving techniques and performance handling.

Overall objective for the day is to build your skill level, explore the Lamborghini range while extracting as much track time as possible.

Misano 2015

Barcelona 2015: Fully booked

The opportunity to improve your driving skills in the ultimate super sports car Aventador SV, for the first time on track.

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events.

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